TCEA Camping 2018

I got to go to TCEA for the first time in three years. I had a really good time at the conference. Since I paid for it myself, I felt no obligation to stay all day. I picked the activities and sessions I was really interested in and then headed back to camp shortly after lunch.

I stayed at McKinney Falls State Park. I was really happy to see that they now have an electronic gate. You still have to get out, walk around your vehicle, and push the buttons. That's not so bad compared to the old method. I only had to do it twice, anyway.

I had a nice quiet site. When I wasn't at the conference, I was birding. I am really starting to get the hand of it. I went on three really fun birdwalks while there. The park is listed as a hotspot.

Unfortunately, my coffee place, The Coffee Cup, went out of business. I used to like to go there so I could have a zero carb latte. They used unsweetened almond milk. None of the other places do that, so their lattes, even with almond milk, are higher carb.

I hooked up with Josh and Cat for a game of trivia on Thursday night. They brought my grandpuppy, Skelator, with them. He is adorable. He was really well behaved. He let one of us hold him the whole time, and he never fussed.

Well, I know this is a cryptic report, but I am exhausted.