South Llano River State Park, June 2020

Well... I was too lazy to write anything about this trip. I am just as lazy today. I'm just going to say a few things...

  1. There is a new Overlook Trail. It is an easy but very scenic trail. It is so much better than hiking up that long hot and extremely steep road. The new trail opened in February of 2020.
  2. The bird blinds were closed due to the pandemic. You could still stand to the sides of them.
  3. Lots of the sites are marked reserved, but nobody is using them. I asked, and they told me they were to keep the numbers down in the park (social distancing).
  4. Since the 3rd Annual Birding Festival was cancelled (along with my reservation at the park) due to COVID-19, I considered this my own private birding festival. I went on all the hikes I have been taken on with guides in the past. The birding was great. Although my skills are still in development, you are welcome to see my pictures from this trip at this link:
  5. I am still amazed at how well my AC works. I had no shade at my site. When I arrived on Monday afternoon, it was 95* in the camper. Within a few hours, it was down to 80*. By dark, it was down to 75*. Tuesday morning, it was 66*. The highest it ever got inside over the next four days was 76* on the day that it was 104* outside.
  6. I love visiting this park. This was my 6th time. There are so many trails to hike and so many beautiful birds, that I am never bored.