Palmetto SP July 2019

-I am writing this blog post a week after the fact. I spent three wonderful nights at Palmetto SP. I was in my favorite site, which is the only full hookup site in the park (#2). The weather was hot and humid the whole time, but the shade from the towering trees allowed the camper to stay between 66 - 74 cool and comfortable degrees the entire time I was there.

-I walked a total of 22 miles on the trails. Although it was hot, I loved every step of it. I wish I had seen more birds, but the summer plants including turkscap, trumpet vine, inland sea oats, etc., made up for a lack of birds.

-I only had one problem. My AC couldn't decide where to drain from. I kept having to change the front and back level of the camper to keep it doming out of the gutter spouts. A squirrel was in the trees the first night dropping all kinds of crap on the trailer. I think he might have caused a little clog. I'm going over to the storage lot with a ladder to check it out tomorrow.

-I made a quick trip into Gonzales for gas and lunch one of the days. I found out that there is a BBQ joint called Gonzales Food Market on the downtown square that has lamb ribs and really good sausage like I used to eat in Waelder. Loved the food!

-On the way home, I got pulled over by a state trooper. My registration was out of date. It is sad because I actually checked it a few weeks ago and saw that the date was 10/18. I figured I was good until October. I only got a warning, and I went today and renewed it at the Tax Assessors Office.

-You can see all of my photos at the link below.