Canyon Lake October 2017

Because of my Texas Master Naturalist training, I’m only getting to camp about once a month. This weekend, I’m camping at cranes Mill Park on Canyon Lake. I’m doing it in conjunction with a field trip with the Master Naturalists to tour the Canyon Lake gorge.

I got here yesterday at about noon. My site, number 14, is very nice. I am right by the lake. I can lay on my bed and see the lake out of both of my port side windows. That has been very nice for sunsets. This site is pretty big, and is not too close to the others. I like it here. They don’t have a bunch of amenities, but I’m not an amenity type of person.

Shortly after I got everything set up yesterday, I went into town to find a few things that I needed. I went to the Dollar General store to get them. I was able to get everything but insect repellent. They were completely out! I drove down the street always, and there was another Dollar General store. I went in that one, and they were completely out of insect repellent. I started to worry that maybe there was a problem with the amount of mosquitoes in this area. I asked the guy that worked there if he knew of another place in the area that I could buy some. He told me to go to Lowe’s Market. I headed that way but got to a CVS first.

After that, I stopped at the Bare Bull To get some barbecue. It was really good, but they gave me way too much. I brought half of it back to the trailer and stuck it in the freezer on top of the bag of ice that I had bought on my way back. By the time I was ready to eat it for dinner, it was frozen solid! I really like the refrigerator/freezer in this camper. The freezer is ready to keep ice frozen within two hours. The refrigerator is ready to cool food down within four.

I was pretty lazy the rest of the day. There aren’t really any trails around this particular park. That’s OK, I didn’t to come for that. Instead, I read for a while, and just sat and looked at the lake like the old person I am becoming. At one point, I read something about these international space shuttle passing over, so I got excited about that. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it. I’m going to try again tonight.

I tried to watch a Netflix video. But for some reason I can no longer watch Netflix on my TV. It shows up for about a second and then all I get is sound and a black screen. All my other movie services work with the TV. Netflix used to. I don’t know what’s going on. The problem is Amazon prime never really downloads the movie fast enough, and YouTube doesn’t really have anything I want to watch.

I got up at 6 AM this morning. I wanted to be awake with the Cobwebs out of my head so that I could get on the road at seven. Stephanie Follet Lopez, recommended a coffee shop on the way to the gorge. I had it all timed out: arrive at 7:15 AM, drink coffee and eat a Cuban empanada until 7:45 AM, then drive To Overlook Park and be there by 8 AM. The plan worked well, except that I ran five minutes behind from the start of it. That was OK since I didn’t have to be there until 830.

I was the first of the Master Naturalist people to arrive. I went and used the restroom and then walked around for a while. It was so humid that by the time the others were there, I was already soaked! I’m talking the kind of soaked where your drawers are soggy! I didn’t see anybody else so much is glistening with sweat the whole day. I have noticed that in the last week I have been sweating a whole lot more than I’m used to. I guess I should Google it to see if it’s an issue.

They put us on a shuttle bus and drove us down to the lowest point of the gorge. The other half of our class started at the top. During the hike we met each other in the middle. It was a lot of fun. The gorgeous one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I can’t say anything about it that word accurately describe it. You can use this link to see my pictures:

After the tour, I was pretty wiped. I came back to the Kobe 2.0 for a while and relaxed. Then I got dressed and headed into town. I couldn’t decide if I wanted pizza from Wicked Good Pizza or a Belt Buster at Dairy Queen. For that reason, I just went to the Lowe’s Market and bought some stuff to eat in the camper. I

When I got back to the camper I ate a little lunch, stretched out on the bed, and slept for two hours. After that, I did some more reading. Like I said, I’m pretty much taking it easy on this trip.

This is a link to the photos of my campsite:

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