I hope. I hope. Oh, man, I hope...

--------I made the first camping reservation I could get recently. It was for three nights at Cranes Mill Park on Canyon Lake. I've been there before, but it isn't really the kind of place I like. I'm not a lake person. I want trails. But, right now, I would camp in the middle of a downtown expressway, if it were my only choice. I NEED to go camping.

---------I couldn't reserve 4 nights for two reasons. Staying one more night would mean being gone on my wife's birthday. That could be more dangerous than a virus. I couldn't go a day earlier because we had a wedding to go to. I had assumed that the wedding would not take place with all the social distancing rules, etc. But, I couldn't get my wife to call her friend and ask her.

---------Meanwhile, I got this hair brained idea to stop shaving until I was set free from the stay at home orders. I said I wouldn't shave my beard until after a successful four night camping trip. That was five weeks ago. Now, I have this awful beard growing on my sensitive face. It is itchy. I have a constant sensation of things crawling in it. The hairs are coarse and scratchy. There is not one good thing I can say about it.

----------I've been watching other COE camps closing over the last few days. Even if it meant the beard would be staying in place to only camp three nights, I dreaded getting an email calling my trip off. So far, so good. And now, it might even be better than good.

-----------My wife talked with her friend today and confirmed that the wedding is postponed. I was able to add another day to my trip. I will leave a day early and still be home for my wife's birthday. That means, unless I get one of those dreaded cancellation letters, I will be getting my four-night camping trip. The beard will come off right after. I hope. I hope. Oh, man, I hope.