Lost Maples, November 11, 2019

Well, this is not a riveting tale of a wonderful birthday camping trip at Lost Maples. Yes, I did have a two-night reservation for the 11th and 12th. Yes, I did make it more than a year ago before the reservation system changed to a 5 month window. However, I didn't anticipate getting into a fight with a bridge and putting the Colby 2.0 into the shop.

Rachel and I decided that we would go ahead and visit Lost Maples today and take a hike to see the leaves. Unfortunately, the change was nearly over. Most of the leaves were already in different shades of gold and brown. It was still nice.

This is about the Colby 2.0, though. As would happen under the condition of the Baker Curse, we are currently feeling the first throws of a cold winter storm. Pipe Creek, where the 2.0 is unceremoniously parked in a field by the RV repair shop waiting its turn to be fixed, is expecting two nights of below freezing temperatures, one of which is expected to be as low as 21 degrees and last nearly 11 hours. Of course the trailer was not winterized. As I left Mother Neff State Park the day of the bridge debacle, I fully expected to be at Blanco State Park four days later, and planned to winterized before leaving.

Anyway, I have agonized over this upcoming freeze. My stomach has been in knots every time I even thought of the Colby2.0. I finally decided to call the repair shop during my birthday lunch at Bricks by the River in Bandera. They said I could pop in and winterize on the way home. That is what I did. Now, for the price of one gallon of RV antifreeze and a few minutes of my time, I can relax and not worry about the freeze causing damage to the Colby 2.0.