Let's get going already!!!!!!!

Well... I'm packed. I'm ready to hit the road right now. Why didn't I book my trip to start today? Oh... who am I kidding? If I had done that, I would have been moaning and groaning yesterday wondering why I didn't book the trip for Saturday.
This is really getting out of control. It isn't that I am unhappy when I'm not camping. I love being with family. I love being in my comfortable home. But, I crave my camping trips. It reminds me of that feeling I used to get when I quit smoking and really really really really really wanted a cigarette. Maybe I need some serious psychotherapy. I know that the second I back my truck out of the garage tomorrow and just start to drive to the lot, this yucky feeling will be gone. I don't need to get to the park and set up the camper for it to go away. I just have to be "on my way".
By now, some of you are laughing at me. You think I am totally crazy. You don't care that I will lie in my bed tonight and stare at the ceiling for unbearable hours hoping for sleep to come. You don't care that from my perspective time has slowed so much that my skin is crawling. You think I am a weak little sniveling idiot. But, that's okay.
Tomorrow is coming, and when it does, I will jump out of bed, wash up, get dressed, load up the truck, and go rescue the Colby 2.0 from its imprisonment at the storage lot. And then, the two of us will hit the road like illicit lovers and escape this hell of being stuck in the city with an unsootheable urge to go camping. Bastrop... Here we come!