KSP January 8 - 11

7:00 PM Tuesday, January 9

Well, this is my first camping trip for 2018. I’m staying in site number 127 with full hook ups. I’ve had this site before. It’s right next to my favorite spot, 129, but I can’t use that one because it’s too tight for bigger trailers to get into honestly. Some people pull in through the grass, which I guess is okay, but not really within the rules.

The ride here was totally uneventful, so I’m not even going to mention it. Soon as I got here my first task was to de-winterize the camper. I decided to do that whenever I camp in good enough weather, now that I know it only takes about 15 minutes to re-winterize it if I have to. Besides, it only takes 1 gallon of the pink stuff. Other than that set up was normal. Oh, I guess I could add that I did fill three new ice cube trays with water to make ice. I don’t use enough to get my ice-maker out in the winter time. On my way to pick up the camper today, I stopped into the dollar store and got three ice cube trays for a buck.

I’ve been doing some birding. I went last night for a while. I hiked the new trail that goes through the area right behind Deer Field Loop. I didn't see many birds until I got to one small cluster of trees. There were several different species there for some reason. I didn't see any berries or anything to attract them. Maybe there were some juicy bugs. I got up early this morning and walked around the camping loop. It was sunny and birds were everywhere. The most exciting where the flocks of robins flying right before me. They were like flashes of fire against the blue sky. I also learned that a flock of robins is called a round.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I think it’s because I’m in ketosis, which is good, since I am on a keto diet. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight. The funny thing is, I haven’t been tired all day from it. Maybe I don’t need as much sleep as I used to. At one point, when I did finally fall asleep during the night, something slipped and fell in the basement hard enough to make a vibrating thump. It was a little disorienting, at first. All sorts of things go through your mind as you try to rationally explain away the sound. After a while, I remembered that I had put my camping chair up on some other stuff so I could get the vacuum out earlier. When I checked this morning, that’s what it was. That chair had slipped and fallen down. That basement is right under the bed. I may even have rolled over in my sleep- giving the chair just enough wiggle to fall.

One other funny thing happened today. I decided to shave before running into the grocery store. Turned on the hot water and all I got was a bunch of sputtering air. After a few seconds, nothing came out at all. Turned on the cold water and nothing came out of it either. Tried all the other faucets in the camper. They worked. It was pretty baffling. I went on the Internet and found another guy with the same problem. He took the aerator off and found out it was clogged with crud. I looked at mine, and sure enough it was clogged. I cleaned it out, and the water started running normally.

The run to the store was uneventful. I went to the HEB and got some carb free foods. I waited until today, because I needed to be sure the fridge was ready to keep things cold. When I got home, I got the electric pressure cooker out of the compartment under the bed to use for cooking. I like it because it even has a browing mode that I can use to scramble eggs. I have a four burner gas stove and oven, but I don't have or want to purchase a lot of cookware to use with them. The pressure cooker is pretty capable of cooking everything I will ever cook on a trip.

I started a hike around the camp road looking for birds this evening. I passed by what looked like a new trail to the left of me. I walked through the brush until I got to it, and sure enough, it was a nice trail. I took it to the left and hiked until the start of it. Then, I turned around and went back the way I came from. Eventually, the trail got less developed until I got to a point where I was doing more bushwhacking than hiking. I could see the main trail that I always use off about 50 yards, so I went off the trail to get to it. Then I followed that trail out to the road and headed back to camp. I can't wait until the trail is finished and really open for use. Oh, I only saw one bird the whole time. It was a cardinal.

At 8:00, I am going to try and participate in the NISDedchat. I don't know how well that will go on my iPhone. Then I am going to get ready for bed and try to watch an episode of The Crown on Netflix and drink a scotch or two.

6:00 PM Wednesday, January 10

I slept a lot better last night. I still woke up several times because my moth was getting so dry from breathing through it because I had to use the furnace to keep the trailer warm enough all night. At about 8:30 PM last night, my ceramic heater started making a loud rattling sound coming from the fan. Before I could even get to it to deal with the situation, the fan stopped and smoke started pouring out of it. I unplugged it and carried it outside before it was able to get any worse. I put the bathroom stove exhaust fans on until the smoke cleared out. The heater is a goner. I'd rather buy a new one than take a chance of fixing it. Anyway, the furnace heat brought in outside air that must have been laden with mountain cedar pollen.

After breakfast, I hoped to reproduce my birding experience from yesterday. Unfortunately, it was overcast and slightly windy. I didn't see any birds. Plus, the mountain cedar that had not bothered me at all so far, was now attacking with a vengeance. I spent most of the day napping, reading, and generally wasting time. Instead of hikes, I took quick walks around the camping loop every once in awhile to see if the bird action had improved. It hadn't.

The rest of the night will go like this: wash up the dishes, re-stow the pressure cooker, watch another episode of The Crown, read for a while, and go to bed early. I just read on my weather apps that the wind is supposed to really pick up in Kerrville and San Antonio at around 10:00 AM. I need to get up early and be on the road no later than 9:00. I do not like driving in winds higher than 9 mph, and they are predicting 20 - 25 with gusts as high as 50 mph.

3:00 PM Saturday, January 13

I forgot to post this when I got home on Thursday. The winds finally hit San Antonio at about 1:00 PM. They didn't seem as severe as they were predicting. I got home at 10:25, after leaving the Colby 2.0 safe and secure at the lot. Yesterday, I read that the weather was going to dip below freezing a few nights this week, so I went back over to the lot and winterized. This time, it took less than 15 minutes and not quite a whole jug of pink stuff.