Well, I’m back at KSP. Yes, I know I was here about two weeks ago. Can’t help it. This is my favorite local park. I say that, because it’s only 60 miles from door to door. I came this time to make sure my tanks are totally empty for my next trip to South Llano River State Park with Rachel. I’m also going to do some cleaning up in the trailer.

When I got here today, there was absolutely no phone service whatsoever. Had to run over to Brewdawgz to get on the Wi-Fi and update my Imperfect Produce selections. Anyway, the service is back up, and it looks like it’s going to be a great three day trip.

UPDATE: It started raining at about 10:30. Then, Tuesday, the second day of my trip it rained all day. I read books. I watched Netflix on my iPad. I drank beer at Brew Dawgs. I cleaned the trailer. I napped. Finally at about 7:30 PM, the sun came shining through.

The next morning, I took a soggy and muddy 8.5 mile hike around the park trails. It was wonderful. I heard a lot of birds, but never really saw any of them. At about 6:15, I hiked back to Brewdawgz where I had dinner, drank some beer, and watched the Stanley Cup Finals. That was a freaky experience. I was the ONLY person in the place that even glanced at the screen. I watched the last half of the second period to the end on the patio by myself to get away from the really loud juke box. The hike home in the dark was refreshing.