Kerrville Schreiner Park, July 17-20, 2017

I don't need much of a reason to come to this park. This time, my lame excuse is so that I have full hookups to dump my tanks. I do need to do that, but it could have waited until my next trip. Besides, it doesn't take a three night stay to dump tanks. I just love getting away in the Colby 2.0.

I made the trip here on Monday morning. The drive was uneventful. The weather was perfect. By the time I was hitched up and ready to pull out of Packrats, I was a dripping mess. It was hot and humid in San Antonio. It was nice to arrive at my well-shaded site in the park to find that the temperature was about ten degrees cooler here. Also, the humidity was a lot better.

There was only one other site occupied when I arrived. It was right across from mine, but the family in it seemed to be packing up to leave. I kept getting everything set up in and around the camper. Then I laid on the bed for a few minutes to cool back down. When I went back out, the others had pulled out, and I was officially the only occupant of Deerfield Loop.

I had some bad hiking experiences recently when hiking in the afternoon. Even though I carried water and tried not to over-exert, I had a rough cool down back at camp. Both times, I had the shakes and felt nauteous. The second time, which was at Canyon of the Eagles, I sat on my bed watching the camper spin as if I were on a merry-go-round. All I could do for about an hour was lay perfectly still on my right side until it all passed. Not fun! Because of that, I made a decision to totally curtail afternoon walking. I could blame a lot of reasons for it. I know it is a combination of the weight I have gained and getting older.

Since I was not going to hike, the next best thing would be a trip to Brewdawgz. I love just being there drinking beer. I had no intention of eating. Unfortunately, after a few beers, I broke down and ordered a delicious patty melt with a side of red-skinned potato salad.

While I as sitting at Brewdawgz, I heard a clap of thunder. I looked at Weather Bug, and sure enough, there was a large system of storms coming right at us. It poured like crazy for nearly an hour. I just stayed at Brewdawgz and rode it alll out. When it got to a point where it was just light rain, I drove across the street to buy ice at the convenience store, since I had forgotten to set up the ice maker and get that process started. My freezer can hold a 10 lb. bag of ice with room to spare.

As I drove into the park and ropped the hill just before the turn off into Deerfield Loop, I saw a herd of about 20 deer standing right near the road. One of them was a buck with huge antlers- bigger than I have ever seen on a live deer. He was covered with white spots like a fawn, so he wasn't a typical Texas deer. We do have some feral groups of deer breeds that have escaped from exotic ranches in the Hill Country. Anyway, I stopped the truck and wrestled my phone out of my pocket, but by the time I was ready to take a picture, all that was left was the behinds of a few of them as they disappeared into the woods.

When I got to my site, I saw another small herd of deer down by the dumpster and a flock of wild turkeys in the sight near mine. There were two mature turkeys, 5 mid-sized turkeys, and 4 little tiny baby ones. I have been seeing them every day ever since. I have also seen several jack rabbits and armadillos right around my camper. I guess the rain and the empty park brought them all out. Only one other person was here with me on Monday and Tuesday nights, and his rig is way down at the other end. He seems to be by himself, also, so there aren't any kids running around making noise or riding bikes.

I spent most of Monday evening drinking wine coolers in a nice insulated cup with campers all over it that my dear friend Michelle Castillo gave me the other day when I met her some other Carson friends at VN Bistro for a late celebration of my retirement. I also played a game on my iPad and read for awhile. Kerrville has no real TV reception. You can get ION, some QVC-like channels, and a few fuzzy channels with nothing interesting on them. I didn't feel like going to the trouble of hooking my phone up to the TV, so I just relaxed old-style.

I woke up Tuesday morning fulling intending on taking a nice long hike. I got all my stuff on and headed out. It was so humid, I felt like I was breathing in water. Then I reached a place that had too much standing water for me to pass. Being the weenie I am, I turned around and went back to the camper. I read for a long while, did some writing, and took a little nap. Every once in awhile, I went outside and walked around the camper to see the animals around me. Then I ducked back inside, safe from the evil arms of the St. Louis style humidity. I love the heat- WHEN IT'S DRY! But, humidity is my nemesis.

I got bored with the down time, so I turned on the water heater, took a shower, shaved, and got dressed. I headed over to HEB to buy microwave meals and some coffee creamer. I have gotten out of the habit of updating the Colby 2.0 supply list at the end of every trip. Fortunately, there are two HEBs and a Super WalMart within five miles of me here.

I stopped into Brewdawgz and sat drinking beer for about three hours. Don't worry, that only translates to three beers. I never have a fourth, and usually stop at two. It was 7:00 PM when I got back to the camper. I had pre-arranged to call my buddy, Jim Gips at that time. He is selling his house in Houston, so he has to walk to the park and sit will it is being shown some evenings. This was one of them. He and his wife, Mary, are moving to Kansas. In fact, she left yesterday. Anyway, Jim and I talked on the phone for about 90 minutes catching up. We haven't seen each other or talked since his family took refuge at our house during Hurricane Ike. We didn't have a falling out- life just got in the way, and we never got around to calling each other. Anyway, I'm going down to his place in a few weeks for a visit. It will be a hoot.

For no valid reason, I was feeling tired once it got dark around 9 or so. I went ahead and got in bed and lay there reading until I kept falling asleep and finally gave up and turned out the light.

I had a disturbing dream in the middle of the night. It was one of those that would wake me up several times during the night with no resolution. I those. Even if they aren't bad dreams, I hate the ones that get stuck in a loop and wake me up every few minutes. Does that happen to all of us? Anyway, I ended up sleeping until 8:10 AM. I had planned on being on my hike by 7:00 to avoid the heat. I almost scrapped the whole plan, but really wanted to hike. I drank my coffee, got dressed, and managed to be on the trail by bout 8:50.

Unlike yesterday, everything is a little dryer here today. It also seems cooler to me. That is probably due to the lower humidity. The trail was moist but not muddy. It had that awesome post-rain smell of freshness. I did my habitual six-mile-loop. The funny thing about it is that I did not see one single animal of any kind! They are all congregated at Deerfield Loop. I'm telling you... It is the oddest things. Yesterday, I posted several pictures and videos of the deer surround my camper.

By the end of the hike, I was starting to feel the heat a bit. Fortunately, the final stretch is downhill on the camp road for about three minutes. A Huge cloud blocked the sun and stirred up a wind. God always seems to know when I need that. It helped me get back to the camper in semi comfort.

Once inside, I did the typical strip off and lay on a towel after drinking a bunch of water with electrolytes added in. Non-typically, I actually fell asleep for what must have been close to an hour. I probably would have slept longer, but my feet got cold hanging off the edge of the bed uncovered.

When I woke up, I decided to go to El Sombrero de Jalisco for a frozen margarita. I cleaned up, dressed, and did exactly that. On the way back, I pondered hitting Brewdawgz, but decided that was not a good idea at all. (Well, Rachel just called. A friend is having computer problems. I'll come back to this later. [The job of a CIT is never done!] Well that was not fun. One of her school friends did a project on her computer. She accidentally deleted it and emptied her trash. I did what I could to help her, but since it is a NISD computer, she does not have the option of installing any retrieval software.) So, where was I? Oh yeah, I passed up drinking beer and came directly home to the Colby 2.0.

There are two new campers in Deerfield Loop now. They are still far from my site.

I got home and decided to take a nap. I did until my phone kept going off with the reminders I had set of things I wanted to get done. One of them was working on this. I'm going to post it now, but may add to it later. The way Postachio works is simple. I create a note in Evernote in the folder for the bog. Then I mark it published, and it automatically gets posted. Any changes or edits are made to the original note in Evernote and synced instantly to the blog site.

Thursday, June 20
I woke up totally rested at about 8:15. Since I could, I just laid there lazily until 8:30. Then I made coffee and just lounged around doing nothing for a while. I did take the time to call Packrats. Craig Baker, whose camper is stored next to mine, sent me a message yesterday to tell me that his battery had been stolen. Packrats seemed concerned and promised to look into things.

I did the normal cleanup and travel prep. Everything went smoothly. I still can't get my black tank sensor to admit that the tank is empty. I says it is 2/3 full. Something must be hung up on the sensor. Oh well!

There was only one weir thing that happened this morning. I put a bag of trash on the passenger seat of my truck at one point. I was going to walk over and through it in the dumpster when I was finished hitching up, etc. That way, if I had any more trash, I could add it to the bad. I got everything done and went to the car seat to get the trash bag and it was gone! I walked all over looking for it. I finally went over to the dumpster and looked in. There was my bag of trash, all by itself on the floor of the dumpster. It made me crazy! I have absolutely no memory of taking the trash to the dumpster.

The ride back to San Antonio was uneventful. I drove through Bandera, as usual. I prefer that way to heading to Comfort and catching IH 10. I finished listening to my book just as I pulled onto Mainland.

This is the link to the Drive folder housing the pictures from this trip (Note: It also updates with new photos as I take them, so come back again to see more.)