Kerrville Schreiner Park 11/17

The first rays of sunshine are finally showing up at Kerrville Schreiner Park! I was beginning to think my entire stay here was going to be dark, gloomy, and wet!

This is my first camping trip in quite some time. The Master Naturalist training during the last 10 weeks has really eaten up a lot of my time. Between classes, additional training sessions, field trips, and volunteer work, I haven’t had any chunks of time that were big enough to make it worth going camping. The only time I did, was the weekend that we went on our field trip to the Canyon Lake gorge.

Well, graduation was on Saturday, November 11, which was my birthday. Unfortunately, I have had the flu or something since the Wednesday before that. This trip was planned, and I wasn’t about to cancel it for an illness. I would rather lay around the camper sick than be at home in bed.

Anyway I got here yesterday with a fever- feeling really crappy. I struggled through setting the trailer up. Then I headed into town and bought supplies. On the way back to camp I stopped at Brewdawgz and had a patty melt.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours pretty much lounging around, getting up when it was time to take another dose of maximum strength Mucinex. I finally started feeling better this afternoon. Now the sun is out! I’m hoping that means tomorrow will be a great day.

My most important task for this trip is to practice the wedding ceremony for Kristen and Ross. They are getting married on Sunday. I want to do the best job I can. That means reading through the ceremony as many times as it takes to really have it down.

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