It takes some communities...

I am a firm believer in learning from experienced RV people. The Internet is full of forums and communities for every type of camper. I belonged to some forums early on, but have recently been more comfortable with various Facebook groups. I think they are easier to work with, unlike forums which often have strange operational guidelines and procedures. Some of the Facebook groups are closed groups, but they will usually let you join them.

Central Texas RV Campers
This is my favorite RV group. The people are all so very gentle and kind. I have not seen one "snarky" comment. They get together twice a year for group camping events. I am actually going to join them for this year's spring event.

RV Camping in Texas
Texas RV Camping Group
I like the fact that these groups are Texas focused. Sometimes, I get annoyed by the number of responses to a posted question. It seems that the members don't read the responses, but just add their own to the pile. It makes it hard to read through all the responses to get the good information. It is an etiquette thing that is missing in a lot of social media.

50 and Over RV'ers
I joined this group because I am in this age group. I liked it at first. But, like the two above, the comments on posts go forever. I finally got tired of hearing from them and actually stopped it from showing up in my feed. Every once in awhile, I go directly to the page to see what's going on.

RV Exterior/interior ideas
I don't do a lot of decorating or remodeling, but I enjoy seeing what others are doing. It is a great resource for anyone planning on making changes to their RV. Odds are that someone else has already done it and can help you avoid mistakes, etc.

RVing Explained
I just joined this one today. It is a brand new group that promises to provide correct RV information. I am hoping that is what it becomes. I don't need another place to watch a bunch of "know-it-alls" engage verbal fueds. Open Roads Forum
This is my least favorite. It was the first forum I became involved with after getting the Colby T. I liked it for a few years, but eventually a handful of the more experienced members seemed to get a little too hostile for my tastes. Instead of answering your questions, they seemed to prefer ridiculing you for being stupid enough to not know the answers. Several of them also seem to thrive on the opportunity to share very opinionated negative comments for just about any post. I have noticed that there is not as much activity as there used to be.