Hoity Toity

When I bought the Colby 2.0, there was a toilet paper holder in the same box as the white sewer hose and a few packs of black tank sanitizer. At first, I wondered why they hadn't mounted the holder in the bathroom. Then, I quickly realized that there was no good place to put it.After a month or so of using the camper and constantly knocking the toilet paper roll into the sink, sometimes totally soaking it in an instant, I started looking for solutions.

The solution I came up with, was mounting the holder inside the bathroom cabinet door under the sink. Unfortunately, I was afraid to screw it in place due to the thinness of the wooden door. Instead, I put a large piece of industrial strength Velcro on the door. Then I attached the holding arms of the holder to that patch with pieces of Velcro on their bottoms. This worked to a degree. However, pulling on the paper too hard or fast, pulled the roll off the holder. So did closing the cabinet door too hardly. Occasionally, travel jarred it loose, as well.

I kept my eye out for other solutions. Finally, two years later, I found a holder on Amazon that is attached by super strong 3M adhesive. I ordered it. This morning, I got up at the crack of dawn and went to install it in the camper before it got too hot inside. The hardest part was removing the Velcro from the original holder. That industrial strength Velcro has some amazing adhesive on it.

With any luck, the 3M adhesive on this thing will be as amazing as industrial strength Velcro, and this will be a permanent fix. There are some inherent issues with using adhesives in the Texas heat. I'm sure I can make it work, even if it means taping the damned thing to the door with Gorilla Tape.