Harder with a Helper???

I just camped for two nights at South Llano River SP with my wife and another couple. Whenever my wife or son accompany me, the natural "automatic" flow of camp set up gets disturbed. This time I forgot to put the blue water filter on the hose. I was reading another post just now about water regulators and realized I left that off, too!
I also realized that, when you are responsible for backing in to your site all by yourself 90% of the time, having someone there to help you makes it 200% harder. I found myself second guessing my usual backing observations and going with my wife's hand movements. I will be more specific in the future and say, " Only tell me if I am about to hit something. I can handle the rest."
Having that second person to help with the signal check is pretty awesome though. You just sit there and run through them and see the person signal when they work. Otherwise, I have to use "Jim's Brake Stick", walk around to see the lights, then repeat again for all the other signals.