At approximately 9:15 am on October22, 2019, I was pulling my travel trailer home from Mother Neff State Park. Highway 236 was closed, forcing me to make a u-turn and take 107 towards Moody instead. Shortly after turning onto 107 heading toward Moody, the traffic was stopped and waiting for a pilot car to take us on one lane. After waiting for about 10 minutes, I was second in line as the pilot car led us to the bridge where the construction was taking place. The lane on the bridge was extremely narrow. I drove slowly without hitting the accelorator. Suddenly, my passenger side trailer mirror got knocked out of position by a piece of the machinery that was hanging out over the lane. I stopped, rolled down my window,and used a hard plastic first kit to pop the mirror into place. I could see then, that there was no way my trailer could get past that machinery. I put the truck in reverse and slowly backed up, hoping that would indicate to everyone behind me that I could not go through. Then a worker waved at me, and I saw that machine piece was being rotated somehow and would no longer hit my trailer. I proceeded slowly and heard a small popping noise on the driver's side coming from the trailer.

There was no place for me to safely pull over to inspect the damage, if there were any, so I proceeded on the short distance to Moody. When I got there, I inspected my camper and saw that there was minor damage to the front driver's side, a running light had been sheered off, a long scratch went down the side, the cover for the electric hookup was missing, and the back wall had been pulled about three inches out of position near the bumper.

I called my insurance agent, and they told me to contact the police for a report. I then called the Moody Police Department, but was only able to leave a message. I drove over to the police department and met with the Chief of Police. He told me that, unfortunately, that bridge was just out of his jurisdiction. He told me to call the the Texas Department of Public Safety. I called the Waco branch and was told to call the Texas Highway Patrol. I called, and the dispatcher told me a trooper would be in contact with me. I sat in my trailer parked at the Moody Police Department waiting for the call.

The dispatcher called me back to say that there would not be a trooper coming. Instead, I was instructed to go online to the TX-DOT website and file a crash report when I got home. I went on line as soon as I got home, but there was no option for filling out a crash report. I called TX-DOT and a lady helped me find a form online that I could fill out for my insurance company. She also gave me some other numbers I could contact about the incident.

I filled out the accident report form. I also filed a complaint online with Tx-Dot about the incident. They responded, and will be calling me soon to talk about the incident and get more information from me (ie: photos and estimates).