CTRVrs at Inks Lake June 2020

This was another unusual kind of trip for me. I was with the Central Texas RV Facebook group. I am going to list highlights and statements like last time, instead of writing it out.

  1. Trip up was really nice. I took 410 to 281 and then turned off and went through Kingsland. Seems so much shorter than going farther north through Marble Falls. Besides, it is definitely more scenic.
  2. The park was in COVID-19 overdrive. Had to get out of the truck and pick up maps from the table. Used our preregistration printouts instead of getting the usual receipt to put on the windshield. They are alternating which bath houses are open every day. All the playgrounds, etc. are taped off. They aren't allowing day use until July.
  3. I had a horrible time backing in. It was one of those where you have to back to the right. I couldn't make sense of the passenger mirror and the driver's side mirror had absolutely no view of the site until I straightened back up. There was an older gentleman in the site across the way watching me. I finally put my window down and said, "I sure wouldn't mind some help. Can you guide me in?" I had already bumped into the giant yellow concrete pylon. He talked to me like I had never backed a trailer, but he got me into the spot.
  4. We had a big group. We social distanced, but did not wear masks. I made sure I was at least 6 feet from every one. The first night, only about half of us were there. We sat at one of the sites talking. I was tired and went back to the Colby 2.0 to watch Netflix in the cool of the AC.
  5. Got up early the first morning and took a nice hike. Got some great pictures- just not of birds. I didn't see many, although I heard a lot. I was planning on stopping at the camper for a brief cool down, but the heat and humidity got me pretty good, so I took a nap instead and then walked up to the Kona Ice truck and got a huge Bourbon Cherry Vanilla. I got brain freeze right away, so I just carried it with me when I went to look around by the boat ramp and camp store. Then I just drank it like a soda. I needed a cup that size in the camper, so it was all for the best.
  6. A group of about 10 of us were supposed to go for burgers at Reverend Jim's Dam Bar at 7:00. I had communicated with Reverend Jim's several times to make sure they could accommodate us. Then I went on line to look at the menu and saw that they closed at 6:00. I sent them a message to verify that, since all of my communications with them were for 7. I didn't hear back, so I sent a message out on the FB Messenger group thingy for the trip. Within five minutes the ladies of the group had totally scrambled to come up with a fish fry and burger meal. People headed off to stores to buy stuff we needed. Then Reverend Jim's contacted me and said he was open until nine. He had forgotten to change the hours on the website two weeks before when they opened up after the lockdown. The 12 -6 hours were when they were only doing curbside pickup. Any way, it was to late to stop the momentum of the fish fry/ burger cookout.
  7. I went over to one of the couple's site at 6:00. Trucks kept coming and offloading grills, fryers, propane tanks, and everything else they needed for the dinner. The fish was all fresh caught the day before at Lake Buchanan. It was a fantastic meal! I sat and socialized until about 9:00. Then I went back to the cool of the Colby 2.0 again.
  8. The second morning, I got up at dawn and drove over to the bird blind. They gave me the wrong code, and I had to call headquarters to get a new one. I was sure I wouldn't get an answer, but I did. I stayed for about an hour, but there weren't that many interesting birds. When I got to camper, I ended up falling asleep on the sofa. I was hungry when I woke up, so I drove over to Reverend Jim's for a burger. I got there just as they were opening. Great burger.
  9. Stopped by the bird blind again on the way back to camp, but there weren't enough birds to keep my interest. Fortunately, I remembered that I needed to get gas, so I drove over to Burnet and filled up before heading back to the camper. I braved a short hike in the heat and humidity (It had rained a bit.). When I got back to the camper, I felt slimy and stinky. I turned on the hot water, and sat down on a towel to cool down while I waited for it to heat up. I remembered that I wanted to give my never ever been used poop wagon to Linda, so I pulled it to her site and left it. Some of our group hollered at me and asked If I was pulling it all the way to the dump station, which was at least a half mile away. They tried to get me to sit and visit, but I wanted that shower and time to totally dry off before the crawfish boil.
  10. I grabbed my chair and hiked a good ways to get to the crawfish boil. By the time I got there, I didn't feel like I had showered at all! Anyway they eventually poured out a HUGE pot of crawfish mixed with shrimp, sausage, hotdogs, onions, garlic, asparagus, red potatoes, and mushrooms. I ate until I had crawfish coming out of my ears. Then, they dumped a whole nother table full of them. It was like a fat man's Cajun dream!
  11. I got back to the camper and did a few things to prep for departure. Then I poured a huge glass of Merlot and watched the rest of the series "Dear White People". When it was over at about 11:15, I went to bed.
  12. Woke up this morning at 6:30. Had some coffee then started the departure process. I did everything I could that didn't make noise. Then I took a break and read until 8:00. After that, I finished packing up and hit the road by 8:30.
  13. Drive home was super pleasant. Very little traffic this morning.
  14. I will post a link to the photos for this trip once I have them processed and posted.