COVID Crunch Crushes Camping

Well, I am really missing going off in the Colby 2.0 due to the COVID Crunch. I have had to cancel several trips including an anniversary trip with my wife to the coast and a last trip to Guadalupe River SP before they close Turkey Sink for construction. My trip to South Llano River SP at the end of April is still iffy. Even if I get to go, the bird festival was already cancelled.

I wish that I had the ability to park the trailer here at the house. If I could, I would be camping in it, just for kicks. Unfortunately, my driveway isn't big enough and I don't have the proper electric hookups.

Fortunately for me, I have blogged and journaled about most of my 277 camping trips over the last ten years. Some are very detailed accounts of the first times I visited a park. Others are just brief anecdotal records that tell the highlights of other trips. I am really happy to have them. Right now, they are my camping trips.