Choke Canyon SP, August 2019

Well, I just got back from a great three-night trip to Choke Canyon. I left early enough Monday morning to get set up before the temperatures got to the 100s. It was only 87 degrees inside the camper when I got there. Since I was in site 131, which is fully shaded, I was able to get it down to 76 degrees within an hour. Even the refridgerator cooled down fast enough for me to drink cold beer Monday night.

The cold beer was a high-lite of the trip. Mike Messer and Amanda Quick bought me four limited edition beers from New Clarus in Wisconsin. They were all amazing. It was like having Mike and Amanda with me in a way.

I messed up my big toe about a week before the trip. It was still hurting to walk a bit, so I stayed off the trails on this trip. Instead, I drove around the park several times taking photos out of the window. I'll attach a link to the photos when I get them off the camera. I saw tons of birds and a lot of animals.

On Tuesday, I drove into Three Rivers to eat a chicken-fried porkchop at Sowell's BBQ. It was an amazing lunch. I ended that with a piece of pecan pie that was out of this world. I grabbed some gas and took a drive through the South Unit of the park. At 2:00 PM, I went to the Nature Center for a presentation on the history of Choke Canyon and surrounding towns. I was the only one there. (There were only three sites being used in the entire park at that time.) What should have been an hour presentation ended up being a 2.5 hour one on one with Ranger Paul. We talked about tons of things, including his suggestions on helping Jared get a park position. It was a great time. I learned that the town of Calliham had been located where the park is now. It was not in the area that was flooded for the lake! Interesting.

Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday- without the trip to Three Rivers. The session at the Nature Center was about tracks. Once again, I was the only one there. The park was down to only two sites occupied. Ranger Paul and I ended up gabbing for about 90 minutes again. His must be a lonely job. I noticed that there were only 3 sites being used during the weekend. He told me this is just not the time of year people visit that park. When I left this morning, the park was completely empty of campers. I was the only one left.

I really enjoyed this trip. It was a wise idea to rest my foot and let it heal. It is feeling much better. I am hoping that I will be able to walk on the beach in two weeks without pain or an open sore.

The trip home was pleasant. No real traffic to worry about.

NOTE: I stripped the sheets off of the bed. I am buying a tri-fold 6" mattress off Stacey and Randy. It is brand new, but wasn't the right size for their trailer. It is going to be more comfortable, the sheets will fit it better, and I will have better access to the underbed storage compartment.

Link to all the photos: