Canyon of the Eagles Day 2

I can't say enough about this park. It truly is a wonderful destination. I wish that I were here on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, etc. on those days, there are more activities, including the Vanishing River Cruise. Also, the Eagle's Nest lounge, and park store are open.

The trails here are amazing. Several of them are closed to protect the natural habitat for mating species of birds. But, there are still lots of beautiful trails open for hiking. I enjoyed a 4 mile hike this morning that was, muggy, and therapeutic. Everything here, is so peaceful and wonderful that you can't help but but feel revitalized.

The food at the restaurant is wonderful. I ate dinner there last night and had the wild boar chicken fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes and jalapeƱo cream gravy. For lunch today, I had the hamburger with blue cheese and bacon. Both meals were great! On top of that, they have a very nice craft beer selection. You can sample almost all of the beers from the Save the World Brewing Company.

Everyone I have had contact with at this park has been amazing. They are all very friendly. I don't think I have felt this welcomed at any other "resort". Someone asked me on one of my RV sites whether they tried to talk me into joining their timeshare program. Nobody said anything to me about that. It was just like any other place where I rented the site and camped for a few days.

The sites here are very nice. Most of them are shaded, and mine was very level. There were only five other sites occupied while I was here. That just goes to show you, that Mondays and Tuesdays are not the best days to come, if you want all the other stuff. I, however, like to camp in places where there aren't as many people. So, it was perfect for me.

As I said in an earlier post, I am now putting all my pictures directly into a Google Drive folder. If you want to see them, you can access them at this link: