camping arguments

-----------------One thing that has become painfully obvious to me is that there are a lot of things we campers do not agree on. That's fine in and of itself. But, the arguments that take place on the forums and Facebook groups can really start to wear you down. Unfortunately, newbies unknowingly restart the battles by asking questions about the contentious situations. It seems that nobody takes the time to search for their topic to see if it has already been answered or solved for them. That one action would make the online community a better place.

------------------ I am just going to list some of the popular arguments that seem to reappear about every three months without explaining them or giving my personal opinion. Most of us are very familiar with them. The funny thing is that there are different types of respondents when questions are posted. Many people politely answer the question for the millionth time. A few will mention that the question has been beaten to death and provide links to the answers. The worst kind of respondents are the old farts who feel the need to belittle the newbie for asking the question. You see a lot of "any idiot should know how to..." and "if that's too hard for you to understand, camping may not be for you" types of responses.

Argument #1- Should you name your camper?

Argument #2- Do you use the shower in your trailer or go to the park bath house?

Argument #3- What, if anything, do you use to keep the toilet from smelling?

Argument #4- Should I run my fridge on propane while traveling on the highway?

Argument #5- Do I need a carpet and pretty lights around my camp site?

Argument #6- Should I turn the water off when I am going to be away from the camper?

Argument #7- Is it okay to flush toilet paper, or should I use a trash can?

Argument #8- Do I really have to winterize my trailer?

Argument #9- What is the fastest speed I should drive when towing?

Argument#10- How much wind is too much wind for towing?

Argument#11- Is it okay to dump my tanks in an empty full hookup site when the line is too long at the dump station?

Argument#12- Is it okay when kids and other campers walk through my site?

Argument#13- Is it okay to play my music outside my camper?

Argument#14- What roadside service company is the best?

Argument#15- Should I do my own camper maintenance, or pay to have it done?

Argument#16- Where is the best place to buy RV stuff?

Argument#17- What tow vehicle/size truck should I use?

Argument#18- (Related to #5) Should I leave my lights on all night?

Argument#19- What kind of tires should I buy and how often should I replace them?

Argument#20- Is it okay to watch television while camping?

Argument#21- Should I go camping during (cold, hot, rainy) weather?

Argument#22- Are you really camping if you use a trailer with all the comforts of home?

Argument#23- Do I need to dump my black tank every time I leave a campground?

Argument#24- Should I ever use my generator at a campsite?

Argument#25- What kind of hitch do I need, or should I use?

Argument#26- Which is better- a fifth wheel or a bumper pull?

Argument#27- Buc-ee's: Greatest place to stop, or waste of time?

Argument#28- What kind of gas mileage do you get when towing?

Argument#29- Do I need to wear gloves when I dump my tanks?

Argument#30- Should I paint/wallpaper my camper walls?

Argument#31- I want to remove the tub/dinette/stove. Should I?

Argument#32- Does anyone get nervous trying to find gas stations they can fit in?

If you know of another argument that I am forgetting, post a comment. I will keep adding to this as I think of more.