Amazing dinner

Instead of writing about it all over again, I'm just going to paste in what I posted on the Canyons of the Eagles Facebook page:
I feel like I have to comment on my dinner at the restaurant tonight. My server according to the ticket was Ryan. I'm not good with names, so even though he told me his name, I didn't keep it in my brain. I came to the restaurant a little after four. I was the only one there. My main intent was to try the beers from the Save the World Brewing Company. When I looked at the menu and saw the chicken fried wild boar, I knew I was eating there also. The beer was great! In fact, I had too many. Oh well… It's a vacation. What struck me most, was how awesome my server was. He didn't mind my talking about old times when my parents visited the lake. He didn't mind my asking questions about how to get down to the beach area. He didn't mind anything I had to say. He was so friendly. Will I remember the food? Yes. Especially the crème brûlée that Ryan recommended. The chicken fried wild boar was awesome. But what I'll take with me is what a wonderful server Ryan was. Thank you for a great meal! I'll probably be back tomorrow for lunch, even though I'm supposed to eat a two dollar microwave meal to save money! The burgers sound awesome.