A Whole New Look

Rachel has been saying that the Colby 2.0 needed an overhaul since the day we bought it. She has talked about bringing in "teal" to compliment the brown that is already there. Teal is just a kind of blue to me. Rachel will point to several different colors and call them teal. I guess they are different shades of it. I don't know.

Recently, she found some dragonfly pillows that she felt were just right. Then she found a teal comforter to complete the look. I took them all over to the trailer and put them in place. I evidently put the pillows in the wrong positions, but it does look nice. We have a few more pieces to add, but I will wait to install them when I go on my next trip.

Dragonflies are the mascot or symbol of the Master Naturalists. That makes it all the more special to me. Rachel has a knack for adding the personal to her touches.