A Whole New Camping Experience

At the end of the month, I am going to embark on a camping adventure that is really going to take me out of my comfort zone. I will be participating in a spring event with the Central Texas RV Campers. They are a group that I follow on Facebook. I enjoy reading and participating in the posts in that group because, unlike other groups for campers, everyone is nice. They don't treat you like a moron for asking a question which they believe you should already know the answer to. That is a big problem with other groups.

I never really expected to join in on any actual camping events. My plan was just to be a person who follows the group for tips and suggestions for enhancing my personal camping experiences. In the seven years that I have been camping, I have only camped with a group about eight times. That group was composed of personal friends whom I had known for years who also own campers. Although the composition for each trip was slightly different, the people were always friends I had a history with.

For this trip, I am meeting up with people I don't know, except as names and photos I have seen in the group posts. Some of the more frequent posters in the group really seem like people I will fit in with. Everyone in the group seems to be friendly and welcoming. Still, though my friends and acquaintances may disagree, I am about as shy in this type of situation as one can be. Yes, I may appear comfortable in social situations with new people, but that is only an appearance. On the inside, I am nervous as all get out.

Most of the group will be camping at a different park than I am. I prefer state parks to private ones. Since Inks Lake State Park is within five miles of them, I opted to stay there. I think that some others are also staying at Inks Lake, but don't know for sure. I know myself pretty well. Even when camping with friends, I don't want to participate in 100% of the activities. This way, I can pick and choose which events I want to join in. Some group situations are simply not for me. I will avoid those.

I am really hoping that I will enjoy this experience with the group. They have an annual event in the Fall, that I would like to go to in the future. This year, I can't go because it is too close to my trip to Lake Tawakoni State Park for the Master Naturalists annual meeting in Rockwall. In the meantime, I will continue to follow and join in the discussions that take place on Facebook.

Oh, before I forget... I actually bought a group t-shirt and plan to put a sticker on my trailer.